I can see the morning sun through my bedroom curtains. I had my morning tea. I am sitting quietly now waiting for my Dad to wake up. He sleeps more than I do, but he is also 32 years older than I am. I am not going to buy any alcohol today, or maybe never. I feel like a total fool for spending so much on a substance that has only done me harm.

I had a simple breakfast this morning. Cold pea soup, a hot pepper blended in water. I am feeling slightly anxious this morning. I got rid of the empties from the last two days. It is Friday and I have to make something good for Dad for dinner tonight. I would like to get the shopping done early, but I can’t leave the house when my father is asleep.

I think I will have some cabbage blended up into a smoothie. I have to cut a small piece today, as yesterday I slugged down a pound of that vegetable in a thick slurry. Cabbage is supposed to cure alcohol poisoning, and man, I am feeling just poisoned this morning.

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