I had a bowl of rice for lunch today. So far I have been eating vegan for the day, though that will change when dinner rolls around. I didn’t get any beer today for a change. That shit has been ruining my sleep and my life for long enough. I had vegetables for breakfast. I made a glass of walnut milk for omega-3s and had a cabbage smoothie for the fiber and to clear the last of the alcohol out of my system. I don’t know what the hell I have been doing drinking so much.

I am going to make an omelet for dinner tonight with mushrooms and maybe some cheese and spinach. I have been very lazy again this morning, though I have some laundry to put in soon. I should probably get the lawnmower on the charger as it has been about a month since I have mowed the lawns. I’m not up to mowing today as I still feel like shit from the 100 ounces of beer I swilled yesterday.

I went to the store this morning and bought some overpriced fruit and vegetables, some milk, and a dozen eggs. Strawberries were very expensive today, $5.99 for a pound. I should really go to Randazzo’s for fruit and vegetables, but I wasn’t in the mood for any long trips this morning. It took about an hour for Dad to get out of bed this morning, so that set my schedule back a lot as well.

I think I am going to spend some time today reading books in my library. I am getting sick of the inane content in the videos on YouTube. I swear, if I see another “what I eat in a day” video I might just scream. Autoplay keeps popping those things into my feed whenever I watch a video about how to lose weight. I know how to lose weight, eat less and move more. It is a simple thing.

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