The Sun

I got lulled into a coma last night listening to the vice presidential debate. I woke up at 11 PM after it was over and shut off my computer. I took some diphenhydramine and turned out the lights and went to sleep. I had dreams all night long that I was working at the old lab at the community college on the old HPLC analysis machine. I ended up in the library reading a book called Psychedelia.

I tried to get through the day yesterday without drinking, but the temptation was just too great. I drank a couple silos of Natty Daddy. I wasn’t half drunk, but it did a number on me. I think I am going to let the whole thing slide and just be sober for a while. Beer so does not do me good.

I think I am going to listen to some music this morning or some motivational speech or something. I am still feeling half drugged from yesterday. There are better things in life than getting wasted all the time.

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