Quiet Morning

I didn’t wake up until eight this morning. I got some restful sleep last night and had all the technology off. I had dreams, but they were not too bad. Today I have to make a decision to stay away from beer. I also have to do something about my weight problem. This morning I had two cups of tea, a jalapeno pepper, and 12 ounces of red cabbage blended into a smoothie. It is 60 F out this morning, and it’s already past 9:30.

I had quiet time this morning. I read a book for a while in my library. I haven’t even had the radio on. Dad is just waking up after his 11 hour sleep, and I have to get my jeans on and do some shopping this morning. Maybe later today I will write a poem or two for this blog, but I don’t feel very creative right now. I feel like taking it easy and reading what other people are writing about on WordPress here. Everything in the world doesn’t revolve around me, and neither should this blog.

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