I had a setback for my sobriety this afternoon. I drank two silos of Beast Ice, which gave me a decent buzz but didn’t make me drunk. Oh well, I spent the afternoon listening to shit on YouTube and generally taking care of cooking some ribs and sweet potatoes for dinner.

I guess I got my $2.51 worth out of that cheap beer. It really wasn’t all that bad. Yeah, I wasn’t totally sober today. I needed the rest. My legs are feeling a bit better tonight despite my laziness. Tomorrow I will go totally sober. Tonight I am not even feeling that tired.

This little Chromebit computer is having problems dealing with the WordPress editor. It does OK on Docs, but the WP code is buggy in this implementation. Still, it is quiet and very low power. I spent about an hour tonight looking for a replacement for my main computer. It looks like they all run Windows now, which wouldn’t be so bad considering I don’t do a lot of high power shit with my machine. The most savage app I run is Skyrim, and to tell you the truth, I am almost over that game.

This blog had a lot of views today for some reason. I am on the little computer now because I was feeling a bit put upon by the main computer with its noise. It has a good sound system, but I really didn’t listen to much music today. I have a radio and CD player for music. I have a small tablet computer I seldom use, but it is hooked to this account. I just like to get out of my room for a while and have a different environment.

Oh well, that’s all for now. I drank beer today, so what? I cooked a good dinner and took it easy. I voted my absentee ballot today. It will go in the mail tomorrow. I will probably take Benadryl again tonight to get some decent rest. Alcohol really disturbs my sleep. I think I need to separate from technology all the time and do something creative. Writing is creative, so maybe this blog can be my outlet. I ought to write some poetry, maybe later, but for now it’s goodbye.

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