Restful Night

I popped 50 mg of diphenhydramine last night and fell asleep a little after midnight. I ended up sleeping through the night until 7:30 this morning and woke up rested. I had Michigan Radio going on my boom box and the room was fairly dark aside from the glow coming from the bathroom light. I had odd dreams about trying to make contacts on my Ham radio, but aside from that the night was just peaceful and restful.

It’s almost eight now and I have a cup of tea. I used to drink coffee in the morning, but it does a number on my blood pressure and is too addictive for me. I have been off coffee now for a couple months and don’t really miss it. I think I am going to go easy on the caffeine in the coming days. I had some last night when I was starting to feel sleepy and ended up being awake until past midnight. Oh well, drugs got a hold on me I suppose.

A Horse that Looks Like Jessie Photo by Pixabay on

I couldn’t resist putting in a picture of a horse. This is from the free images off WordPress, and it looks like the horse we got years ago when I was in high school. The horse was a cross between a Morgan and a Tennessee Walker and was named Jessie. I used to feed that animal, clean his stall, comb his fur, and generally try to train him. I was also the first person to sit in a saddle on him, though he was tied to a post and couldn’t buck.

A horse is a lot of work and expense. They can also be dangerous. My Dad found that out one morning when he was bringing water to the horses and got kicked by the little one, Hershey. We had to call an ambulance and Dad needed emergency surgery to resect his small intestine. Dad was lucky we got to him on time and he still carries the scar from the incident. We had other horses after that, and Hershey ended up dying from leukemia, but overall we stayed away from big animals for years after that incident.

I am making my second cup of tea now. Last night I added a small Python shell to this computer, but I can’t figure out how to get it to write a program. It does single lines, which is pretty useless for programming, but it must do something with longer programs because I see posts about people importing modules. I don’t know why people write dumb apps like this, or rather extensions, if there is no way to write an actual program and get the computer to do something real. I can use it as a calculator, which is good, if I can even learn how to do math functions in Python. At worst it is a learning tool, which is really what I need.

That’s all for this post this morning. I have a picture in this one, so it’s not a total wall of text. I think I want to start my main computer and use it to play Skyrim for a while and maybe check on my finances. For now I will just take it easy on the technology and spend some time today reading and perhaps writing things on paper with a pen. Take care people and thanks for reading my journal.

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