I didn’t do much of anything today, yet still I am worn out and tired. I went shopping this morning. I did laundry, two loads. I baked a chicken and potatoes for dinner. I walked in my room for about an hour. I guess I am worn out from the pint of whiskey I drank yesterday. That’s the last of that shit for me. I am done with alcohol. It holds no fascination for me anymore. What have I been doing wasting my life in this destructive manner?

I saw a good video this morning from Fluty Lick Homestead on YouTube. Jared showed his animals and his family and talked about some of the projects he has going. At the end of the video he gave a little sermon on how people should pay more attention to Jesus and be saved. Well, I appreciate a good preaching from time to time, and the message wasn’t lost on my pagan soul.

I think I am going to give this computer a rest for a while and shut things down for the evening. I may fire up the Chromebit and get my blog saved there. The Chromebit is a tiny little stick computer that runs Chrome OS. It uses very little power and hooks up to my google account so I can do things like surf the web and check email and write and blog. It only uses 18 Watts of power as well, so it is low emission. Oh well, time to give this machine a rest and read some books.

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