The Night

It’s 10:30 PM. I haven’t been up this late in a long time. I spent the last hour watching Pawn Stars on TV with Dad. He is in bed now and I will be hitting the sack in a while. For some reason when I started this post the editor crashed, but it seems to be stable now. The Chromebit has its quirks.

I can live with some quirkiness in my computer. I have my own operating system problems as well. Like my mind that seems to need drugs so I can be stable. I’ll be having a talk with my doctor on the 15th of the month. Maybe she can clue me in on what my problem really is, though I don’t think the doctors really know what the hell is bothering my skull.

It’s strange in a way that this machine is so quiet. I am thinking about replacing my main Windows computer with a little fanless unit running Chrome OS. I don’t really play a lot of games on my computer, maybe some Skyrim now and then, but only for the scenery. It would be nice to have a little unit that uses little power and that has a solid state architecture instead of that old groaning hard drive. I know the old machine is on the way out, but still, it is kinda nice. I am wondering if I can install Python on this Chromebit and do some programming. I suppose it would be possible.

I guess I am done blogging for today. I really didn’t say a lot today aside from the fact that I got half loaded yesterday on a $4.44 bottle of Canadian whiskey. Canadian whiskey made in Frankfort Kentucky, what the hell. Tonight I will sleep peacefully with a night light and leave the droning machine off. I don’t need some creepy music playing and the last thing I need tonight is to listen to a lecture on how to lose weight. Goodnight all, and sleep well.

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