Chromebit Post

I am posting this from my little computer in the hall office area. This used to be my Dad’s office and my Mom’s sewing room. The Chromebit is a nice little computer that does a lot of cool things. It uses very little power and makes no noise because it has no fan. The keyboard is wireless and it loads and runs WordPress well, though it took a full minute to load the editor.

I have a fairly large monitor on this little computer, a 32″ HDTV in fact. I have no games on this machine to waste time on, and YouTube plays with advertising so I won’t be tempted to just watch videos all day. My main computer is getting old and is showing signs of its age, so I may be switching over to this machine for a while. The only thing it doesn’t handle is my finances, and hey, I might be able to hook it up with the bank if I feel like counting my money.

The main reason we bought this Chromebit was to watch YouTube on the TV in the front room. Dad watches a lot of cable TV now and some Netflix. I gave up on Netflix myself over a year ago. The one thing I can’t do with this machine is to upload photos, but to tell you the truth, my camera isn’t the greatest and my subject matter is limited. I could get better photos through Creative Commons than any I could take myself.

I’m not giving up on my old computer, just giving it a much-needed rest while I apply myself to writing something useful for a change. It will be good to learn a new operating system that isn’t owned by Billy Gates, even though Google is also fairly piratical. For now, the Chromebit is fine and it even has Netflix installed as an app right on my desktop. Go figure.

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