It’s cold this morning. Poor Donald Trump is in the hospital with COVID-19 and outside it is cold in the Midwest. I am not ready for winter. I am not ready for a lot of things.

This blog. What am I supposed to do with an online journal? Even famous bastards don’t keep online journals, if they keep journals at all. I might be a bastard, but I am not famous, and nobody is going to read this journal to find out how I am doing.

Sober October turned out to be a no-go this morning. I made some home brew and got half-loaded at 5:30 AM. It’s worn off now, I only had about a silo’s worth of alcohol in the batch. Now I am just feeling down because I broke my vegan diet as well. I am a real loser today.

It’s sunny today, but it is supposed to rain later. I have nothing I want to accomplish. I might descend into poetry again here, as it seems to get views and likes. My rants are going nowhere, like my dreams.

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