I woke up a little after six this morning after a long night of non-stop dreams. The dreams were too complex and vivid to describe, but the last one was the real kicker. I was riding my bike, something I do a lot in dreams, and came to a new development they had built in my neighborhood. I rode down this one street and came to a graveyard. I turned around and went up a lonely road and found barns full of cars and trucks, taken apart and painted flat black. I turned around again and followed a road called Floyd-Merriwether to this marble mansion. I got lost in a maze of sculptures and wading pools. There were runes carved into the white marble pathways. I got turned around and went to the back of the mansion. There were little grottos of marble set up, and each had a monster, a huge man, chained to iron balls at the wrists. I asked the first monster what was the way out. He pointed behind me and started to follow me. I awoke.

I am on day three without alcohol now. I have no more money to buy booze, and no will to get drunk. It is the first of October today, and I am going to give Sober October a try this year. I had dreams of drinking last night as well, carrot beer. Who the hell ever heard of carrot beer anyway? I have heard of parsnip wine. That used to be a thing. They even make tomato wine. But carrot beer?

I have a cup of tea to drink, and a morning to deal with. Hopefully today will be better than my dreams.

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