Foggy Morning

It’s cold this morning and there is a haze in the air. I drank a couple beers yesterday, but it was nothing that made me incapacitated. I think today I am going to go clean from that shit, but I know I say the same thing every day. I slept well last night and had some vivid dreams. Today, well today is going to be different.

I am on my second cup of tea this morning. The country music station is going on my boom box. I listened to this motivational video on YouTube this morning, but man, I guess I am just not a successful person. Last night I listened to some videos on health and fitness. You would think that with all the research I have put in on building muscle and losing weight that I would be a hulking ripped dude by now, but you would be wrong. I know, I changed the subject, but it still fits.

I have been thinking about where I want to go with this blog. I would like to have a blog where I actually write things that help people, but it’s just something now where I record my thoughts and my struggles. I think I can get through the day without beer or other booze. I think I can make this blog something useful, if only to myself. I know I can stay sober and take care of my body and my mind.

I am about to get another cup of tea brewing and have some morning capsaicin for my constant pain. I swear the hot peppers give me a better buzz than any six beers now, so why am I still drinking? I think it will be a good day today and we will have some quiet time at home to relax and take care of our little problems. I think today I will spend some time writing and thinking to myself, and maybe, maybe write something useful to one of my readers. Take care people, and I will be back later with more words.

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