A Vegan Day

So far today I have been on a vegan diet. Dinner is going to be a problem because I have to cook hamburger for Dad, but I can eat something else and save the leftovers for lunches and maybe another dinner. I am doing fairly well today and resisted the urge to drink beer for at least another day.

I made up some TVP for protein for lunch today and had peas for breakfast and black beans for a snack. I also had a lot of vegetables in the blender today. My lips are still burning from the jalapeno pepper smoothie I made ten minutes ago.

I am listening to a video now about how to promote my blog here, but seriously, I don’t know any social media influencers in my niche, which appears to be drunken sot recovery stories. At least today I am not a drunken sot. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

I guess what I do here can be considered social media, though I hate that term. I prefer to think of this blog as an open journal of my personal life, such as it is. My personal life isn’t really all that interesting these days. I don’t even think I have any friends aside from my Dad offline or online. Rahul Guar seems to be reading my content and leaves likes on some of my posts. I should probably go ahead and see what he has been posting on his blog. I should also check up on some of the other blogs I followed.

I keep getting suggestions from WP here to make money from my blog, but with my lack of traffic, I don’t suppose that is possible. I need to find some way to make a living, and writing about all my problems is really not the way to make a career. I used to have an active life where I did things like build electronics circuits and experiment with high voltages and plasma tubes. Now, I watch videos and pace back and forth in my room for exercise. I had a girlfriend for a while there, but we really were not meant for each other it seems because all she wanted to do was drink and smoke and all I wanted to do was fool around. I can’t really say I got much enjoyment from spending the night with this person, given that she always seemed to make herself sick drinking and made a mess out of my bed.

Yeah, that was probably a cruel thing to say about my friend I haven’t seen in over a year, but hey, she has only said one word to me in the last month and a half even though I still check my messages several times a day hoping she will be online. I hope she is happy working her two jobs at the fast food places, and maybe she will find another friend who she is more inclined to date.

So today I am a vegan. I got plenty of protein, had a lot of fiber, got some exercise pacing in my room, and as I type this I am trying to learn how to get more readers for this blog. My content is really not the best as far as being useful to a reader. All I seem to write about is myself, and how I am trying to quit getting drunk. It has been 13 months now since I quit smoking cigarettes. I suppose that was a success. Why would anyone spend $15 a day on cigarettes like my ex does? The last time I took her out she smoked almost a whole pack in the truck, chaining those coffin nails like a fiend. All she wanted to do was shop and spend money and smoke. What I got for my time, three hours plus driving, was a couple of cold kisses and a hug. Not even any conversation to speak of. Oh well, the past is gone.

This blog is like the friend I don’t have. I talk to it like I am talking to another person. Of course, with no comments, this is a one-way conversation. Kinda like a politician making a campaign speech. Politicians, sheesh, the master debaters will be on tonight trying to drum up votes. I can hardly wait to see what Trump and Biden will talk about. From what I saw on the news yesterday the whole debate is going to be scripted. What kind of a debate is that? The topics are chosen, the speech writers are typing away, and the candidates are just mouth pieces for the party line. Oh well, I am bored enough to watch at least some of this travesty on YouTube.

That’s all for now. I am having fun typing this afternoon and doing something that seems to be important, at least to me it is important. I have to get my diet under control and lose some of this drug weight the psychiatrists saddled me with. My weight problem is drug-induced. At least I am trying to get my shit together and get back into shape. When I was drinking every day and smoking weed I was in good enough shape to ride my bicycle 30 miles a day, but now, I get sore going a mile. My life is so full of shit sometimes I can’t even stand myself.

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