Day Three

This is the third day in a row without alcohol for me. I almost cooked up some home brew today, but ended up pouring it into the toilet and flushing it down like the piss it was. It will be good for the septic tank at least, but it wasn’t any good for me.

I am still sore today from riding my bike to the corner the other day. We had the power go out and I wanted to see if there was any activity down the line. I guess I rode too hard though, because the next day my quadriceps muscles were so sore I could hardly walk down the basement stairs to do the laundry. I have gotten a bit better over the last three days, but I am still not back to normal.

I have been trying to watch my diet, but it is hard. I had some milk today and milk seems to make me put on weight like crazy. I had some raisin bread at breakfast, and I had some toast with my home made jelly at lunch. I finished off three thick slices of bacon and had some walnut milk first thing in the morning.

I think I need to get a better handle on what I want to do with this blog. Right now it is my online journal. I also need to do something about getting some kind of social life. Right now I am basically friendless with the only person I see being my Dad. I think a lot of people are having hard times with their social life these days with the corona virus pandemic closing things down. In any case, I think I am going to take it easy today and just do some light walking in my room and very light weight arm exercises.

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