Learning About Keto

I am sick of being so fat and out of shape. Last night I watched some video about the ketogenic diet and got interested. Keto is a diet where you eat mostly fatty foods, some protein, and very little carbohydrates.

I went to Kroger today and got some keto friendly foods. I bought full fat milk and cottage cheese, some cream cheese, some liver sausage, and a pound of bacon. I also picked up about a pound of salmon for dinner. This morning I started the day with some walnut milk. I had some grapes and a banana for lunch, so I am not all in on the fat bandwagon, but I am taking it easy on the carbs today.

The keto diet is very popular now and I am not entirely sure why. I read some articles this morning about keto being used to treat schizophrenia, which applies to my own personal situation. I had some vegetables today, which are keto friendly, but I think I will give this a go for a while and see if I can get my weight under control. I have gained five or six pounds in the last couple weeks, so things are not going that well for me.

Two days ago I drank what I hope will be my last beers. I didn’t lose control and buy more after the two were gone, so I kept things under control. I didn’t even think about buying beer today when I rolled past the beer store on my way home from grocery shopping. I think I will be able to finally kick that evil habit if I can just keep myself from buying booze.

Anyway, I am going to watch videos on the keto diet today and have a decent dinner and snacks that are not so high in carbohydrates. I will also be avoiding bread and sugar. Years ago I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy, and I have heard that gluten from wheat is implicated in schizophrenia, so perhaps it would be best if I gave up bread and cookies and things like that. I am not even close to starving and tip the scales at about 220 this afternoon. So for now I am going to try to get my hunger under control and get some purpose in my life, even if that purpose is just keeping this blog up to date. I’ll be back later to write more.

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