I went shopping at Randazzo’s again this morning and bought a whole lot of vegetables and fruit. The store wasn’t too busy for a Monday morning, which was good because I was able to avoid close contact with a lot of people.

I have been eating a lot of vegetables lately. I cut them up raw and throw them into the blender for a couple minutes on high. I get a good smoothie that way and lots of vitamins and minerals and enzymes. It also helps with my digestion as I consume a lot of fiber that way.

I am not a total vegetarian or vegan though. I have some leftover meat, chicken, for dinner tonight. I had beans for breakfast, rice, and some leftover spaghetti for lunch.

Today I made some very hot sauce from a quart of Habanero peppers. I just cut off the stems and threw them in the food processor with some cheap red wine vinegar. For a little over two bucks I got almost a pint of very hot sauce that I can make up any time and that helps me with my constant pain.

Yesterday I had a minor setback on my path of sobriety. I drank a couple silos of Edge malt liquor. It had been nine days since my last drink, but I didn’t get so wasted that I couldn’t cook a decent dinner. I had to take Benadryl last night to get any sleep, so that wasn’t good, and I didn’t get out of bed this morning until a quarter to seven, which is late for me.

I have to think of something I can do to make some money. I have too many responsibilities around the house to get a regular job. I would like to do something with writing, but it is hard to get a following online that could make a writing gig like this blog pay. I am not some hot-looking young lady who can get followers from my pretty pictures. I am just an old man with a drinking problem, a weight problem, and a mental illness. What could possibly be of interest to anyone in my life? Perhaps recovery could be an angle, or perhaps I should go back to writing poetry.

Here’s a photo I took of myself yesterday after I cut my hair again.

My Troubled Smile

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