Sober October

This is something I heard about a couple years ago on the Joe Rogan podcast, Sober October. This year I am going to give it a go and try to get through the whole month dry, meaning no alcohol. I read a couple posts on doing this in September by another alcoholic blogger, and hey, it turns out I don’t even really drink that much compared to some people.

I am also going to get back into reading more. I have a whole room full of books, some of which I could possibly sell, maybe through this blog. Amazon started out as a book store, and look how big they are now. I also learned about a used book store online. Hell, years ago I went to a local used book store that had a whole warehouse full of books all for a couple dollars each. I even brought them a few boxes of my useless books from my own collection and traded them in two for one on some new books. I don’t think that place is still around though.

I had a good dinner tonight and I managed to get through the day without buying any beer. I think I can get through life without that shit messing up my mind and my life. I had some good food today and I learned a few things about life. Now I am going to look over the reader here on WordPress and see if I can make some new friends in the online blogging community. No man is an island, and there is no point trying to go through life alone.

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