I have been walking today and generally doing easy exercise. I woke up at about six this morning and the house was cold. It was 33 F outside this morning and 63 F in the house. I kicked on the furnace and it took a good while for the house to warm up. All the walking I have done today has made my feet sore, so I am sitting down now to work on this blog.

I am going to make some spaghetti for dinner tonight with boiled cauliflower. I will use some elbow macaroni instead of spaghetti noodles. I picked up some hamburger this morning at Picnic Basket and a chicken for tomorrow. I spent the morning cooking up half a pound of black beans for myself here and there as meals and snacks.

I got my shot of Invega yesterday and I am sore all over today. That stuff causes me a lot of pain. I suppose it keeps me from being psychotic, but man, there has to be a better way. At least I have been free from hospitalizations for the last three years now, which is something. Hospitals are not so bad if you can get over being locked up. At least there were people to talk to every day.

I’m getting tired of typing these blog posts, or journal entries, whatever you want to call them. I might try out the voice typing thing on this computer again and see if I can get that working with Word and then copy and paste. There has to be a better way than making my hands and fingers sore just to write a post. Later.

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