Too Much Food

I ate a big dinner tonight. We had bratwurst, baked potato, sauerkraut and squash. The sausage was a bit greasy tonight, but I’m not complaining. I probably need food to recover from all the bullshit alcohol did to my body.

I got through the day with no real urges to drink. I did some fruit and vegetable smoothies to help with the cravings. I am tired now but think I will make some tea to keep me going. It is far too early to fall asleep.

I watched some inspirational videos this afternoon of people who changed their life with exercise and diet. I am not some 450 pounder though so it shouldn’t be so hard to get down to a decent weight. I walked in my room for hours today and did my resistance training with my 20 pound dumbbell. I am a bit sore this evening, but not too bad.

I am still pissed off at myself for the drinking bout on Friday. I feel like an idiot for downing ten plus 8% alcohol beers. I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking that day. The only relief I got from that was passing out early and then being awake and sleepless at four AM. It cost me eight bucks as well, and I am not about to spend another dime on cheap beer. I might be an idiot, but I am no longer a drunken idiot.

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