It’s been 41 hours since I drank that last beer. I had ginger ale this morning. It kept me from craving real ale. I slept well last night and had many vivid and interesting dreams. I got the lawn mown yesterday and made a decent dinner. I have food ready to go for dinner tonight.

Today I have to keep my head on straight and stay on the narrow path. I have given up on finding friends. This world is not about finding friends. The virus keeps people from even exercising their rights to practice their religion. I will stay home today and exercise. It has been a few days since I even worked out with my light dumbbells. I have to do something every day.

I installed a mod on Skyrim this morning so my guy can drink milk, juice, and water. Stock out of the box there is nothing to drink in that game but booze. No wonder the world of Skyrim is so violent. I used the console to join the bandit friends faction and the forsworn, so now when I meet a bandit they say good day and sing songs and don’t just draw down on me and attack. I used my saved money to outfit myself with some fine hide armor and an iron sword. I live in a shack and chop wood for a living. What could be better?

I am going to put on a motivating video now and do some room walking. I have worn out a couple dozen pairs of socks walking in my room for the last year, but hey, my feet feel better and don’t pain me when I go without shoes. I wear shoes outside, but not in the house now. I am a recovering alcoholic and a crazy son of a gun, but hey, at least today I am happy.

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