Cool Morning

The weather certainly has changed for the cooler lately. It is taking forever for the dew to burn off the lawn. We are supposed to get some rain this evening, so I will have to get going on the mowing within a couple hours.

Dad didn’t say anything about my fuckup with the beer yesterday, so it looks like he is going to let things slide. I still feel bad about being such a drunk yesterday. His birthday present came from Amazon this morning and I have it all wrapped up and on his desk. It is another challenging puzzle and set me back $21 for delivery and cost. He is taking his shower now and it is almost noon here.

This blog is ridiculous. It is nothing but my struggle with alcohol and friendlessness. I read through a website on giving up addictions this morning and it told me I should make some sober friends. I don’t even have any drunk friends anymore, how am I supposed to meet people? I could go to AA meetings, if they even have them thanks to COVID-19. The last place I met people was in the psych ward, and I certainly don’t want to go to the hospital again.

I suppose I should down the antihistamine pills now so they kick in for me while I am mowing. Hopefully they don’t knock me out. I didn’t sleep well last night again and think it is time to get some help with my problem, even if that help is just watching videos of people who have had success quitting. It’s lonliness that makes me drink, I am sure. How does a 58 year old man even make friends?

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