The Return of the Sun

It has been cloudy for days now, but the sun was out for a while this morning. I fell asleep early last night and had many very strange dreams. Dreams are neither here nor there, and mine are just not as important as they used to seem to me. Hell, I used to even fall in love in my dreams. Now they just annoy me.

I started reading a textbook on journalism yesterday afternoon. Apparently I paid $40 for this book back in 1994 or 1995. It’s a decent book and is filled with information on how to research and write news articles. I remember back in high school one semester I was on the school newspaper and we had to use graph paper to justify stories into columns, type the stories up and then cut and paste them onto page blanks before sending them off to the print shop to be printed up. I was on the features page for some reason, though I don’t remember any of the stories I wrote.

Today I have to get the lawnmower on the charger, gas it up, and pump air into the tires of the thing. It should be ready to mow tomorrow. The grass hasn’t been cut in over a month now and it is getting a bit long. Hopefully this is the last time I have to mow this year. I have to take Benadryl before I mow and wear hearing protectors because the lawn tractor is so loud. There is about an acre of lawn I have to cut down in the yards and it is just something that takes me an hour and a half.

I think today I am going to get some salmon for dinner. I might pick up a couple of cold ones as well because I am feeling a bit lousy from lack of sleep and isolation. I used to have a friend who would come over and spend the night with me, but she works two jobs now and will not even talk to me on the computer more than once a month it seems. I have my Dad to interact with, but he is a gruff old man and doesn’t say much when I talk to him. I took him to the doctor yesterday and he got out kinda early and surprised me while I was reading in the car. Last night I fell asleep at around 8:30 and didn’t get up this morning until 7:00, so hey, too much time unconscious.

I don’t know what I want to do with this blog. I don’t even know why I started it. My life is just not that interesting. The only thing I do that is interesting is to get wasted every now and then and complain because I drink too much. I tried reading the conservative news this morning but it is all about politics, something I hate. Who are these people who think it is their right to tell other people how to live and take care of themselves? Seriously, they shut down the churches despite the Constitution guaranteeing free exercise of religion. They shut the churches but kept the liquor stores open. What the fuck kind of message does that send to the people?

It’s almost nine this morning and almost time to make some tea for Dad and get him roused out of bed. He would sleep until 11:00 most days if I let him, but then his day would be half over before he even started. I sleep a lot myself, but I have an excuse. The damned drugs they give me are cutting 20 years off my lifespan statistically anyway, so why don’t I even drink?

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