A Mostly Wasted Day

I didn’t get a whole lot done today. I did some shopping early this morning. Then I did some more shopping. I sat around most of the day slugging back a pint of the old Canadian, much to my sleepy chagrin. I cooked a big dish of baked beans and some chicken legs for dinner. I fell asleep listening to Alex Jones and Dad had to wake me up for dinner. I did the dishes after we ate and put the food away.

With what was left of my money I ordered a nice puzzle for Dad for his birthday next month. I still have a little left in the bank but won’t be spending it on any alcohol. In fact, I am going to save whatever money I come across. I got an idea to try to sell some of my art tonight, but the fact is I doubt anyone is interested in my work. I am not a famous artist or Hollywood personality.

Early this morning I had a dream that I was playing electric guitar in a rock band. The other band members didn’t like me, so they all left. I woke up at about six this morning and got going on the day.

Yesterday we lost power for three hours or so because of a lightning strike to the grid. DTE was quick about the repair though, and I went out and filled three cans with fuel for the generator. The weather was better today with just a misty precipitation through most of the morning.

I listened to some hypnosis videos tonight to get motivated to exercise, to lose weight, and to quit drinking alcohol. It was odd, but the hypnosis kinda woke me up tonight, which is why I am typing away on the blog now. I had some cups of tea to clear my head and may get some more and stay up for a while tonight since I spent most of the evening in bed already.

Maybe I will stop by here later when I can think of something to write about. I don’t feel too bad tonight considering how the day went. Hell, I guess I have to quit listening to country music if it is going to brainwash me into drinking whiskey. There are better ways to spend my time and better things to do than get wasted and pass out in bed. Later people.

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