Thunder in the Morning

I woke today to the sound of thunder after a night of strange dreams. It is raining steady outside and every now and then lightning strikes somewhere and thunder rolls. It is not a severe storm, but a gentle one. I checked the weather radar on the local TV station website and it looks like it is going to rain all day.

Rain can be very soothing. Even though I am up before dawn I still feel rested. I have a cup of green tea to sip on, or just gulp down. Gulp down was really more like it. The rain is dripping off my roof now and it seems like today will be wet.

Last night before I went to sleep I listened to some right wing preacher man talking about social unrest on bitchute. I don’t know why I was listening to this person, but he had a calming voice and I fell asleep. I have to get into the habit of shutting things down before I go to bed, as this sleep learning stuff gets into my dreams and was a common means of communist brainwashing.

Donald Trump and his family have been spamming my email with requests for money ever since I liked him on FaceBook. I swear I got eight emails from those people yesterday alone. I suppose it serves me right for liking any politician. Anyway, this is just a quick post this morning to talk about rain. I will check back later and maybe write up the poem I scrawled in the car last week while I was waiting for my Dad at the doctor.

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