Spiders – A Dream

There I was, back at Washtenaw College, in the cafeteria, eating a roast beef sandwich out of a vending machine. I sat in my old recliner near a window. A news crew showed up. They wanted to take my picture. They carried me in the recliner out into the sun.

After the photos were taken they scurried off to the side of the building. I followed. There were some gypsies set up there telling fortunes. I went up to them, and they offered me potions and snacks, but they wanted weird money. They told me I could buy some of their money at the money changer’s tent.

I went to the money changer’s tent. It was the front for a space ship. These gypsies were aliens. They told me I could buy 100 of their dollars for ten of mine. Their dollars were golden and had a big spider image on them. At first I thought it was some kind of a scam, but then I thought after looking at some of the prices on their goods why not? I bought some alien money and went shopping.

It was then my Dad showed up in this dream. He took me to the alien tobacconist. We tried some snuff that was liquid like honey but turned to powder when we rubbed it between our fingers. Dad took a big snort of the snuff and a big mahogany box appeared. I tried to open it, but it was filled with nested boxes that interlocked with nothing but amber sand in them. I thought “a puzzle box,” and it was intricate.

I told Dad: “It must be yours.” He opened it right up. It held an artifact, Lord Nelson’s snuff tube and snuff box. I told Dad this must be valuable. We took the box, now closed, to another space ship where an antique dealer was at. He said the box was worth ten million dollars. We wanted to sell and get the money, but the box would not open for the antiques dealer, but turned into a tool kit with every tool you could imagine. It was then that the alien commander showed up. The antiques dealer happily kept the tool box and the commander led us to another place.

This other place was like a factory where the aliens manufactured everything. They had one machine that was only for them that made replica humans. They would not say what they did with the replicants, but the machine also made slabs of fairly nice meat. I sliced some meat in their kitchen and listened to them tell how they traveled time and had a lot of artifacts from prehistoric times. They particularly liked sabre cat fangs. They showed us their fossil collection.

Then it was time to go. They loaded Dad and me on a bus. Mom was there waiting for us. They drove us through the streets of Ypsilanti and people were throwing rocks at us because we were with the aliens. At the hospital Dad said he wanted to get off. Mom, Dad, and I got off the alien bus and walked in the back door of the hospital. The doctors wanted to check out Mom since she was in poor health. They gave her a box that told her how long she had to live. The box had a little light bar on it that kept climbing to the red. I told her to shut it off.

People showed up at the hospital and started throwing rocks at us. I called the alien commander on a walkie talkie. He showed up and told us to follow him. We all jumped off a balcony down to the ground floor. The commander dispelled the crowd with a stunner. The hospital was really a place where people were taken to die. We walked out the front door of the hospital. Near the entrance were some gypsies who handed me a card. The card had a dried apricot on it cut into the shape of a puzzle box with radial cuts and a sliding structure. “Spiders,” the gypsy said to me, and I awoke.

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