I woke up very early this morning after a night of bizarre dreams, as I wrote about in the previous post. I was a bit of a loafer today as far as the morning went. I went out while Dad was in church and I bought a chicken and a nice bottle of decent wine. I know I am trying to quit drinking, but I kept it to one bottle today and only consumed slightly less than three and a half ounces of ethanol. I did not even get drunk on that, just a little slow.

After lunch I had a nap for about an hour listening to a video on diet and exercise. I woke up and started on dinner. While dinner was cooking, chicken, squash and corn, I got all fired up to do some exercise. I got out my 20 pound dumbbell and did three sets of ten reps of biceps curl, shoulder press,bent row,triceps extension, lateral raise, and squat. I had videos of bodybuilders going on my computer for inspiration. After dinner I also did 20 situps, which wasn’t much, but I felt them.

Yesterday I did some bench presses, so I actually used some of the equipment I have. Today I also walked, did light medicine ball exercises, and used my grippers. I watched what I ate and didn’t gorge myself on greasy food. I did all the chores after dinner and have half a chicken left over for dinner tomorrow.

I think I can say that the wine I drank didn’t do me too much damage and it didn’t escalate to anything involving gross intoxication. I think I can leave that shit alone now, as I don’t really want to start drinking every day again. The exercise did me good and I am starting to feel better tonight despite my indulgences today. If I can get into the habit of working out every day and maybe build some muscle and lose some of this body fat, maybe I won’t feel the need to drink like a fish and put myself into a coma.

Hopefully when the next stimulus comes and the gyms open again I might be able to get a membership and get serious about training and perhaps meet some new people who share my interests in getting into better shape.

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