I went to the doctor back in February and had some blood tests. My cholesterol came back at 297, with LDL at 197. The doctor wanted to start me on statins but I rejected this idea and told them I would adjust my diet. Well, a month ago my blood was run again and my cholesterol was down to 175, with LDL at 118, so a lot better.

How you may ask did I achieve this result? I quit eating eggs. Oh I have one now and then, but not four a day like I was having. There are better ways to get protein. I started blending up veggies when I was feeling hungry. Cabbage with some water makes a good morning smoothie. Beets, when scrubbed, diced raw, and blended with water make a sweet snack. Apples are easy to eat blended. You get a lot of fiber this way, and fiber binds to bile and gets excreted, lowering cholesterol.

I started taking lecithin granules to help lower my cholesterol. Lecithin is also supposed to be good for the liver. I cut way down on fats and meat. I started eating more whole grains and beans and peas. I got more activity, even if it was only walking back and forth in my room and lifting light weights.

One thing that probably helped a lot was that I cut way down on my alcohol intake. Yeah, I got hammered on Tuesday this week, but I have been clean for the rest of the week. I felt tempted today to get some cold ones, but I fought down the urge and walked it off. Alcohol is not only bad for the liver, but it raised triglycerides and can have a bad effect on cholesterol if used in excess. I have inspiration to give up drinking entirely, especially since it also makes me sleepy and dumb as a rock.

Today I had a cabbage smoothie, half a cup of lentils boiled with salt and curry powder, some TVP tacos, and a beet smoothie. I also finished the leftover chicken salad this morning. I am not a total vegan. I had some L-glutamine today and am about to take some lecithin. Dinner tonight will be yellow split pea soup and a salad.

High cholesterol can lead to a lot of health problems, atherosclerosis being the most common. I am only 58 and don’t need to be getting heart problems as well as all the mental issues that plague me. I will do my best to keep away from alcohol and to control my diet, even though I find it almost impossible to lose weight. What I need now is more energy and to realize that I have more to say about my health than the doctors and their dangerous drugs.

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