I slept in until 8:00 this morning, but got going right away. My weight this morning was still 210 pounds, but I haven’t been watching my diet too closely. I got the morning things done, then went to the store to get some hamburger and stuff to make chicken salad out of the leftovers in the fridge. I got the chicken salad made, then set the bones on to simmer for broth. After lunch today I took the loppers and cut back some of the low-hanging branches in the trees out in front of the driveway.

In about 45 minutes I have to take Dad in for physical therapy. He has two more visits and then a consult with his sports medicine doctor. I sit in the parking lot and read while he is getting tortured with exercise. It seems to be helping him, so I don’t mind helping him out.

I tried to listen to Alex Jones today, but that man is out of his gourd. It’s like listening to a broken record. He even put together a little cut scene rap video of himself going on and on about killing and eating his neighbors when the food shortages hit. What kind of an actual moron does or even says something like that in the mass media?

I had a visitor from France today to my blog, but nobody else for the last two days. I guess I am not that interesting. I have never been popular. At least I am not paranoid about being around other people like some people in my feed seem to be. It’s bad enough this Chinese virus has everything shut down and people living like prisoners in their own homes, but to be afraid of being around people. This is the new world order they have all been talking about. Divide and conquer. Oh well, I’ve survived six months of this without too many problems.

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