I failed yesterday at sobriety. I drank a lot of cheap beer. I didn’t cause any problems. I stayed at home and listened to music. My brother came over and brought us dinner. I went to bed at ten thirty, though I had to take Benadryl again. I woke up early and got Dad some tea.

I know I have to quit drinking, but it is hard. I got through almost all of last week with nothing. I have a big chicken to put in the oven for dinner tonight. Dad has church this morning. I think I am going to do some simple things around the house. Maybe I will play Skyrim for the scenery.

I feel like an idiot this morning. I am an idiot for spending six bucks on beer yesterday. Oh well, at least I wasn’t smoking cigarettes. It has been over a year since I dropped that bad habit. I think today I am going to meditate and watch what I eat. I think I am going to try to stay sober even though I could go out and buy more beer again. Today is a new day, and I don’t need to drink myself into a coma to survive. Later people.

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