A Break

I’m taking a break from reality today. The sun is shining, the day is cool, flowers are blooming, I’m a fool. Dad has gone off to church. At least he has some friends there. Me, I feel like I don’t have a friend in the world.

I tried playing Skyrim this morning. All I did was chop wood and sell off my ale and nord mead. I rode my horse a little as well. I may toggle combat and do some wandering around. I really hate being attacked in that game every time I want to explore. I don’t even know why I play games.

I finished off the flank steak my brother brought for us yesterday. Talk about your tough cuts of meat. I cut it up really small and fried it, but still it was a pain to chew. Good protein anyway, if a bit hard to swallow. I should be happy I even have food.

I should see what’s happening in the news today. Maybe the riots have calmed down. Maybe they have a cure for corona virus. Maybe I am just dreaming. Oh well, time to jet.

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