I don’t have a plan for the day. It seems the rains have finally moved on, though we had a downpour at about 2 AM. I have to clip my beard today, so I guess that is a plan. I think I will steer clear of beer today as well.

I slept in until eight this morning. I didn’t get to sleep last night until about twelve thirty. My mind was flooded with memories from the past and I felt like shit about my life. I never got a decent job. I never got married and raised a family. Even today I don’t think I have a friend in the world aside from my Dad. I finally took 50 mg of diphenhydramine and drugged myself to sleep.

I am still at 209 pounds in the morning despite how much I ate and drank yesterday. I need to start watching my diet better if I am going to lose the last 40 pounds I need to lose to get down to a healthy weight. Right now I think I am going to get another cup of tea and do some walking in my room. Take care.

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