It’s pouring off and on today with some pretty dramatic thunder and lightning. Nothing like the hurricane, but a heavy soaking rain nonetheless. In a break between the storms I went out to the local store and got some salmon for dinner and some cheese. I am not a vegan.

I broke down and got some Edge today. Cheapest beer around these parts, and 8%. It’s been six days since I had a drink, and storms make me anxious. I’m feeling OK now, despite the drama from Mother Nature.

I watched Annie the Green Witch this morning on YouTube. She has a very calm soothing voice. I made some chamomile tea. I think I will go back now and watch some more of her videos. I am hiding in the house today from the weather and from all the infected people. I had hellish weird dreams last night that all hell broke loose in this country and that there was a civil war. Might not be far off from the truth.

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