I had to gas up the truck this morning. After that I went to Kroger. They had a good deal on pork butt, but I don’t need ten pounds of meat. Their hamburger was $5.99 a pound so I passed on it. I bought their last package of fragrance-free kleenex. They had no cleaning wipes. I got cheap cheerios for Dad. I looked at their hot sauces, but they were all watered down. I got trash bags. I got some other stuff too, like mint tea for Dad.

I stopped at Picnic Basket on the way back and got ground chuck for $3.49 a pound. I also got a small bottle of habanero sauce. They had no ultra hot sauce though. Last time I bought Dave’s Ultimate Insanity Sauce it tasted like pepper spray. I ended up tossing that bottle. Anyway I got home and unloaded and put away all the groceries.

I’m going to hang out inside for today and maybe do a little house cleaning and laundry. My sister is coming over to help us clean, as if we are unsanitary pigs, oh well. I will probably have to go to the dump tomorrow if it isn’t raining. Who knows, maybe it will rain. I am going to find an alternative source of news today because I am sick of the lies broadcast by the mainstream media. Later folks.

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