America is Going to Hell

Look at all the riots branded as peaceful protests in the mass media. What are they even rioting for now? The man was being arrested for sexual assault and he fought with the police, then tried to get something from his vehicle, so he got shot. So the cops shot a rapist. Good for them. He won’t be doing any more rapes now that he’s paralyzed.

Then the democrats. They are owned by the communist Chinese. They want to get rid of the police and prisons. Well, maybe that’s not so bad. I could shoot trespassers then and no repercussions from the law. But seriously, you can kill somebody and you won’t be prosecuted? Sounds like anarchy.

I keep to myself mostly, except for this stupid blog. I have one friend on Facebook, my Dad. Some days I read my feed there, but only once in a while. I went through another day without beer, but it was close. The news got me down today. The weather has been nuts. I live outside the city so I don’t see the demonstrations and riots. I was a vegan again today.

I love my country and all its people, even the ones who sneak in. Who else do you know who’s ever bummed a cold one off a Hispanic field worker? The whole world is being decimated by this viral bioweapon and they don’t even report on how things are going in the rest of the world on the American news. The news doesn’t even give the facts in shootings that cause riots, but dramatizes the situation by showing how broken up the victim’s family is. What do you expect, peace?

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