The Morning Sun

The Red Sphere of the Sun

When I got up this morning the sun was a glowing deep red sphere with a line of clouds across it. Of course the camera couldn’t catch any of that in the glare of overloaded sensors. Still, you get the idea.

I had another night of bizarre dreams. This morning I have had a cup of tea. I was up three pounds since yesterday, but I ate a big dinner last night so I guess that explains it.

There is some shopping to be done today. I need vegetables and fruit. We have a place that has decent prices on such things that is reasonably close. Randazzo’s is a regular old time fruit market and a lot of the vegetarians shop there. They even sell jack fruit, not that I would ever buy one.

It’s early this morning, and I am still a bit groggy from sleep. Perhaps another cup of tea will bring me out of it.

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