I went to the fruit and vegetable market this morning. I always buy too much when I go to this place, but they have good food and their prices are low. I stocked up on vegetables and got a lot of things the other stores don’t have. Beets for example. They had piles of beets loose in a bin, 2 pounds for a dollar. They had sweet corn, $1.99 for 7 ears. I put a lot of stuff in the cart. The teller asked me if I was a senior, because Tuesday is senior discount day.

Mom and Dad always used to love going to Randazzo’s, Mom especially. She would just buy tons of fruit. Back in the day I was never a big fan of that place, but now that I am older and hopefully wiser, I see the advantage of a diet filled with fresh fruit and vegetables. They also carry a huge stock of dried peas and beans, which ran out when the corona virus hit back in March. It wasn’t only me who was stocking up on shelf-stable food.

I have to start going to this store every week to get fresh produce. I should be eating fruits and vegetables instead of all the milk products, eggs, and meat I was consuming. Since I switched to a more plant based diet my cholesterol and triglycerides have come back down into the normal range. With the price they get for produce at even Kroger, I could buy almost twice as much stuff at Randazzo’s and get it fresher. I know there are a lot of these vegetable stores scattered around the country. Luckily I live close to one that has been in business a long time and is never short on food.

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