Another Day Without Booze

I am getting used to sobriety after three days without alcohol. This month there have only been five days when I drank, so I am not doing so bad considering. I am just sick of passing out in the evening and having nothing accomplished for the day. At least when I am sober I do some work around the house and write in this blog.

I never was much of an alcoholic until I moved in with one. Larry was a piece of work and spent his entire life just about drunk. Some people I have known I really doubt if they are still alive. Some people I have known I know are dead. Just living with a guy who drank a case of beer every day was enough to get me hooked on alcohol. I was kinda freaked out on acid back then too, so hey, another of my big mistakes.

It’s quiet this morning. I tried to watch some videos on YouTube, but man, there are so many idiots on that service it is getting to me. You can’t find decent information in the world of video. Take as an example Vegetable Police, or as he calls himself now, Vegetable Conspiracies. His latest video he goes on and on about his dietary problems, talking about some book this woman wrote about how we should all be eating mostly fat. This guy falls for every fad diet and as long as I have been watching him occasionally, he has never tried to eat just a normal balanced diet. He believes in total bullshit too, like these necklaces that sell for $200+ that are supposed to cancel radio frequency energy. What a putz.

I took a dose of Reaper Squeezins this morning to help wake me up. I don’t think I will be buying any more of that shit though, it is too damned expensive. I can get pretty hot stuff at the local grocery store for a lot less. Pepper is pepper. Still, it gave me a bit of a pepper buzz, which is better than alcohol.

It’s cloudy today and it’s going to be very hot again. I have to order some more thyroid pills from the pharmacy this morning as well. I hate being hooked on prescription meds, but what can you do. Doctors get everybody these days with their magic chemicals. At least I am down to two prescriptions now and don’t have to visit the doctor again for another month.

Today I am going to stay sober and try to think things through a bit. I shouldn’t let myself be influenced by other people so much. I heard from Janell yesterday for a couple minutes, but she is working two jobs overtime this week and doesn’t have time to even say hello or how are you. I will be doing things around the house today and with Dad, so hey, it’s not so bad living like a hermit. Everyone is doing that these days with the bioweapon disease that is running amok among the people. See ya.

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