Sleep In

I had more crazy dreams this morning. I had a dream I was coming home and the whole neighborhood was decorated and there were girls in bikinis standing out front of the neighbor’s house waving at cars. They had long multi-colored fingernails. I pulled into my driveway and the house was covered in clotheslines with all kinds of women’s underwear hung out to dry. I went in the basement and the dryer was filled with more clothing and models of cars. I filled a shopping basket with the stuff.

After that in the dream I was in a restaurant in Ann Arbor. The waitress gave me her phone number and told me to call her when she got off at nine. I walked outside and another girl took my arm and said “hey, let’s go to a party.” I walked down to the Michigan Union with her and inside they had this long table set up with all kinds of fancy food but no place for me. The girl sat down and I sat off to the side in a director’s chair. Then the leader of the fashion dinner had everyone raise their right hands and take some kind of an oath. Everyone was wearing fur.

I slept in until quarter after eight this morning. I haven’t had a night of such dreams in a long time. I have tea steeping in the kitchen, but haven’t done much so far today. This will be the second day in a row for me without beer. I am planning on staying sober for a long time. I am just so sick of all the hell that breaks loose in my mind whenever I get wasted. Alcohol is no damn good for my health either.

The sun is pretty high in the sky already this morning and it is going to be a hot day again. My shoulder is still sore from the Invega injection I got on Friday, so I am going to have to have some words with the doctor about that when she calls. Last night I downloaded the latest version of Python and started reading the documentation on that language. I think it will give me something to do that doesn’t involve watching so many idiotic videos or writing these narcissistic blog posts about my personal life. Oh well, just kidding. If I had a social life outside of my dreams maybe I would be a more interesting person.

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