My Morning

It’s almost noon now. I got up at quarter past eight. I had green tea. After about an hour I blended up some cabbage in water and drank that down as a smoothie. After a couple more hours I made a bowl of plain oatmeal. I had some flax meal mixed in a cup of water. I am trying to lose weight by not eating so much.

I am tempted right now to buy beer, but I will resist that urge. They are putting in a sewer line down the road. Our idiot local government has decided that we live in the urban services district for some reason because they want to develop this area to increase tax revenue. Hell, when we moved here in 1974 we lived on a dirt road, no freeway down the street, no gas service, and there was a little store 500 feet down on the corner. Now there are developments and businesses going up everywhere. I want to live some place quiet again.

It is hot and humid outside today already. I bought some hamburger at the store this morning to make something for dinner, maybe some spaghetti. I got strawberry ice cream for Dad. I got bananas and oranges, and baby shampoo.

I tried to learn something about python this morning by watching videos, but man, some people just don’t know how to teach. One video was so slow it was painful, and another was so fast I couldn’t follow it. I am going to read the documentation and use Idle and the help files to learn that language. I can learn at my own pace and look things up that I want to learn and not have to follow some idiot talking about whatever he thinks is important.

Right now I am going to get some exercise. I’ve been sitting around all morning and am starting to feel cramped. I still have pain, but I took some hot pepper sauce in water and it seems to be relieving some of my discomfort. I am wishing I could have a cold one, but know I had better not.

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