Country Music and Alcohol

A couple years ago for some reason I started listening to the country music station in the truck. I guess rock and roll finally got on my nerves. At first I didn’t notice anything strange about the music, but then it hit me. More than half of the songs were about drinking alcohol. Drunken redneck music, yee ha.

You would think that with all the problems alcohol causes people, and it causes a lot, that a radio station wouldn’t promote drinking so much. These country stations are also almost the only ones where I hear advertisements for drunk driving prevention. It finally got to me so bad that I just drive now without the radio when I go anywhere. I don’t need to be brainwashed into drinking beer any more than I already am.

A couple weeks ago I read a story in The Washington Post from 2018 about how alcohol is the dominant theme in popular country music. A lot of the acts also sell their own brand of booze and drink on stage. I admit, you have to be half drunk at least to enjoy a lot of this so-called music. Take Hick Hop as a bad example. Or rather don’t. Forget I said anything about that bastard genre.

Society already programs people to consume alcohol enough. Every celebration and party seems to revolve around drinking. I didn’t go to a wedding last year because I knew they would be serving alcohol. Even my sister had beer at her party for her youngest son’s first communion. I abstained though on that occasion. Alcohol is a depressant drug that causes liver damage, brain damage, and broken bones. I am pretty much through with this drunken cowboy music anyway. There is not a hell of a lot to it that is entertaining.

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