A Most Intense Dream

I just had a very realistic dream. I was in medieval England, wearing chain mail armor. We traveled from village to village, collecting supplies for the long winter for the king. All along our rout we were harried by the men of the king in the north. The dream was very realistic and fully graphic.

The king arrived and we transported him in a wagon from the furthest village. Then some soldiers came and took him and Merlin off to someplace. I was upset, but the soldiers did not seem like they meant violence. Then they came for me.

I was taken to a room where the king, Merlin, and a group of other actors from the play lounged around in beds. We had been picked up by aliens. The leader of the aliens was this disembodied head, green of countenance and bald. I started talking to him about interstellar travel, but he was very sleepy. There was a dog there, I curled up on the floor with an old Irish Setter.

The aliens explained interstellar travel to me, and it seemed pretty straightforward. They used transdimensional methods and basically teleported with psychic power of some sort. They had enemies on their planet. They were little Lego monkey men who they kept at bay with a flotilla of white Lego transforming ships that turned into an ice cube wall.

The dream seemed to go on for hours, and it is quarter to four in the morning now. I thought it had meaning, but in the end, seeing it written up, I can tell it was pretty much mental fluff, probably brought on by slight alcohol withdrawal. Oh well, I wrote it up in a schematic sort of way for this blog. It’s early, and I may go back to bed.

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