Tea in the Afternoon

It is over 90 F outside today but the house is cool enough. I am having a cup of green tea before dinner. I got the dishes done, chicken and squash in the oven, and a salad all made up in the fridge. I am tired today, but have managed to stay sober.

I watched CNN for a while this morning, but they were really coming down hard on Trump. I know he is a self-centered egomaniac, but I don’t have to live with him. They were really pushing for Biden as well. All the political advertisements were for the Democrats. I don’t spend a lot of time watching the news.

For the last few days I have been writing down what I eat and drink, but I don’t think that is helping me much. I think I am just going to pay attention to the food I eat, but not try to record everything. I seem to lose weight when I am not eating so many meals and when I skip meals during the day. This morning I was right about at 209 pounds, but my hydration was low. I gain a lot of weight from water intake. Maybe my heart isn’t in the best shape.

I got some views and likes on this blog today for a change. I really have to thank my readers for their kind input. It makes me think I am not just talking to a wall. I have a blog on Blogger, but that gets zero views. I am not a pretty young lady, so I can’t just post photos of myself modeling skimpy clothes for views from perverts. Oh well, I still have a few of my wits left.

I am going to make another cup of tea and get the table set. Dinner will be up in 20 minutes or so. It has been a quiet day, and I only went to the store for food earlier. I used to write about food and cooking on a previous blog, but I lost interest in that as a source of inspiration. Today I can say I have made some progress on sobriety, and even though I have very little in the way of human interaction, I am still fairly happy. Cheers.

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