It’s going to be another hot sunny day. I have resisted the urge to drink today, so far. I know this is really nobody’s business but my own, but damn, that shit has a hold on me. Yesterday I ended up passing out in my bed for just hours because I had 7 beers. This just isn’t right. I have to get my shit together and avoid alcohol like the plague.

Sunday dinner today is going to be leftovers. I will probably cook up some beans for myself. I had ribs yesterday, but I have had enough meat for a while. My weight is trending lower, but I am still 40 pounds overweight. Hopefully a diet of fruits and veggies, grains and legumes, will help me lost these 40 pounds of fat.

Today I have to do some thinking about this journal. I have a few followers who are probably tired of hearing about my problems. I haven’t written a poem in about a month now, so maybe I will try later. I haven’t played my guitar in almost a year now. I haven’t even drawn a picture in a long time.

We have had a lot of problems this year. The virus, the economy, the cars breaking down, the fridge dying. Dad has a lot of health problems as well. I have to do something about the way this house is deteriorating. Another thing that bugs me is how I have no friends anymore. I have my Dad, but he hardly ever wants to talk. This journal is my creative outlet, and it is not good. All I do is talk about how I have failed to quit drinking. Well, today is different. I am going to stay sober and do something about changing my life for the better.

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