Dark Night

It’s 2:15 AM and I am awake. I had nightmares about going to my old high school and can’t get back to sleep, so I am having some tea. Yes, I drank too much beer yesterday and ended up pouring out the last ten ounces to the gods. Life is actually so much better when I am sober.

It’s been four weeks now since I have heard from my friend Janell. She has her own life to live, so I guess I am not a part of it anymore. I wish her well, and hope she has a beautiful life.

We got the new fridge yesterday and it is working well and keeping cool. I messed with the temperature controls a bit, but ended up setting it back to the factory settings. It does make weird sighing sounds from time to time, but nothing bad. They carted off the old fridge, so that was good.

It’s time to go lie down and try to get some rest. I have to try extra hard today to not drink. I am having trouble with my life and need to relax and take it easy for a couple days.

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