Chinese Virus

This Chinese virus has set the world on fire. Engineered by China, France, and the United States, it was released to cull the population. We are being killed off by a bioweapon while governments take our basic freedoms away from us in a failed attempt to keep us safe from their own chimera.

If this is true, and it probably is, it is a failure as a killing machine. Smoking and drinking kill about four or five times as many people as COVID-19. You don’t see this big government program to save the people from the dangers of cigarettes and beer. You don’t see the entire economy shut down over Budweiser and Marlboros. You don’t see people wrenched from their jobs and homes and without the means to even feed themselves over vodka and cigars. But of course, the government makes a shit ton of money off alcohol and smokes.

This whole pandemic is an experiment in social control. Just how far can our leaders go in keeping people in their homes and keeping groups of people from gathering? It’s been six months or so now, and no effective treatment has been found other then to knock out people with a bad case and pump air into their lungs and feed them through a spike in their veins. And all because governments had to cook up a better way to kill masses of people. Way to go fucktarded politicians, you evil sons of bitches.

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