So far today I have been following a vegan diet. I feel a little lighter than yesterday and a whole lot less bloated. I am going to put some lentils on for my dinner in about ten minutes and have a baked potato. I bought a Bratwurst for Dad because he needs the extra calories.

I have been following the whole vegan-anti-vegan drama on YouTube for a while now. I don’t see myself as becoming a raw carnivore ever. The things I didn’t lose when the refrigerator went were the dry beans, rice, cabbage, carrots, and other foods that don’t spoil. My cottage cheese spoiled this morning, the sour cream went bad, the milk went bad in under 24 hours, the bread thawed but is still good, and I shipped the frozen meat and bacon off to my sister’s place. I had to throw away a lot of things yesterday and today.

I got plenty of protein today. I had lentils for lunch, some soy protein powder in water, some flax meal. I figure so far today I have had 50 grams of protein. I got omega-3s from flax meal and walnuts. I took a multi vitamin. Right now I am going to get my lentils simmering and get the table set for dinner at 6:00. Take care.

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