I just sat out on the patio in the sun with Dad for about 15 minutes. The sky is clear and blue today and the sun is warm. It’s good to get a little natural vitamin D for a change. I have to take Dad to physical therapy in an hour and a half, so at least he can get some sun himself and relax for a while.

I am running out of ideas for things to watch or read on the net. Most of the stuff on YouTube is on about a third grade level, and there are so many morons on that service promoting their own agenda that it defies description. I have stayed away from alcohol for three days now. I did a cleanse yesterday because I was so bloated from drinking milk and eating cottage cheese. Today I am sticking to a vegan diet and eating a lot of raw fruits and veggies.

I still don’t know what to do with this blog. I like having it as a journal now, so maybe that will just be what I leave it as. I haven’t felt much like writing poetry in a long time now. I haven’t done any art either. Today I have to work on my recovery and stay sober. Not much is happening around here today, so hey, I may tune in some music and do some light exercise. See ya.

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