After 17 years of fairly good service our refrigerator finally died yesterday. I lost about a gallon and a half of ice cream, but not much else. I bought a two dollar bag of ice to keep the milk cool for a day or so and cleaned out a lot of shit and got the appliance ready to move.

Of course there is a shortage of appliances now with the virus on the loose. We have one on order now that should be delivered Saturday morning, so until then we will be living without a fridge. I sent a chicken, some hamburger, and some bacon over to my sister who said she will keep it for us. I told her she could eat whatever she wants of it, even the really good bacon that I sent with her.

I took Dad to the doctor this morning for his blood tests. I have to take him to physical therapy tomorrow. I have my own appointment at the clinic on Friday. I guess I am busy this week. I am just getting ready to fry up a couple hamburgers for dinner, but I am not very hungry.

I have some trees to prune tomorrow morning so the truck with the fridge won’t have any problems getting in the driveway. Dad pruned a couple bushes this afternoon, but mostly he just sat on the patio and got some fresh air. One of these days I should mow the lawn, but not soon. I am off to put dinner on now. Take care.

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