There is a big movement in the world to censor any kind of information that doesn’t conform to the standards of “truth” that are supported by the governments of the world. Look at all the suppression of information on COVID-19. You can’t even talk about or give your own opinion on a disease that has shut down the economy of almost the entire world.

I like WordPress here. They never give me any problem about posting what I want to post. I haven’t been sick this year, but I have been taking plenty of vitamin C, vitamin D, and various other supplements. I also get a lot of natural vitamins in the fruits and vegetables I eat every day. If I were to say I think the reason I seldom get sick is the vitamins I take on YouTube, I would be censored. Facebook is also heavily censoring alternative information on this virus. Don’t even talk to me about Twitter. Those fucks locked my account because I posted poetry and didn’t have a smart phone to prove I was a human.

The news really gets me depressed these days. I am listening to Alex Jones now and he is going nuts about politics and the election. At least it isn’t the canned news from the mainstream media about how Joe Biden is going to save us all from all our problems. Jones is so psychotic sometimes he makes me laugh. I am not interested in listening to the shit they talk about on CNN or Fox News. I think there is a reason I drink. It’s because this is the beginning of the end of the world.

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