A New Day

I got up this morning at a little after 7:00. I got tea, a banana, took out the garbage, did morning things. I guess I am a little pissed off at myself for drinking beer yesterday, but oh well, you can’t change the past. Today I will start again.

I went to ACE and Kroger this morning. I had to get lint traps for the washing machine, but all they had were the metal ones, so I only got one pack. Kroger wasn’t so bad today. I got my groceries and a dozen wide mouth canning jars. They had ice cream for $2.50 a carton today, so I picked up a couple for Dad. I got some cottage cheese for myself.

I think I am going to take it easy today and stay home. I already did enough running around for one day. I haven’t really tuned into the news much today, but they are still having problems everywhere. I haven’t heard from my friend in over three weeks now, so maybe she is tired of talking to me. I don’t need to party all the time anyway.

I got some good bacon yesterday and had four slices for breakfast this morning. Maybe later I will write something on healthy diets and weight loss. Right now I just want to kick back and get ready for a day of laundry and cooking up leftovers for dinner. No point rambling on about my life if nobody is listening.

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